your amazing brain

Faster than a speeding car!
Stronger than a supercomputer!
Are you ready to harness the power of your amazing brain?

Get the inside scoop on why we do what we do! Jam-packed with insights for kids and helpful guidance for adults, this "user's manual for the brain" is sure to become a go-to resource in your home, classroom, or therapy office.

Along with a diverse cast of characters, author and intrepid guide, "Ms. Jessica," transforms complex neuroscience into fun graphics, simple metaphors, and practical solutions for students ages 7 and up.

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The Epic Illustrated Guide

Ages 7+

"Incredible!!! Each page is packed with powerful strategies and tips for readers to put their knowledge into practice so they can find their way through those tricky moments of daily life."

- Kim Gameroz, MEd, Educational Consultant, SELebrate Good Times

Fun and engaging comic style - The information on how to recognize when one is being activated and self-regulate is just as useful for the adults I work with as the kids it's written for.” 

- Courtney See Elizondo, M.Ed, LPC, NCC

"Amazing, indeed! Your Amazing Brain goes way deeper than neurons and neurotransmitters by compassionately exploring the parts of the brain that are responsible for behaviors and relationships."

- Robyn Gobbel, Author of Raising Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors

Wow! Jessica has done it! She has used her amazing brain to make neuroscience understandable for kids and adults alike. This guide should be in every school library and home across this country!” 

- Julie Beem, Executive Director, Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc.

Inclusive language, perfect balance of details and 'big picture'
Your Amazing Brain covers so much ground in teaching kids about their brains and giving adults a roadmap for supporting that learning.” 

- Alli Williams, Ed.D, Head of School, The Pilot School

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