While especially helpful for kids who have had a tough start in life, the award-winning Riley the Brave series has become a family favorite far beyond the world of foster care and adoption. Each book features a few pages of user-friendly brain science to help make your job a little easier!

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RILEY THE BRAVE’S Big Feelings activity book

Roaring, grumping, knots in tummies...Making sense of big feelings can be tricky. Riley the Brave and his safe big critters are here to help! Enjoy 60+ fun activities and trauma-sensitive strategies to help children understand the brain science behind those big MAD, SAD, and SCARED emotions...and what to do about it!

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A Trauma-Informed Guide for Counselors, Educators, and Parents

Ages 5-10

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“What an outstanding, comprehensive and thorough activity book! It's a go-to resource for parents and caregivers."

- Gabi Garcia, author of Listening To My Body

“This is the first activity book that is thorough AND attainable. I find this resource invaluable!”

-Jaclyn Durant, MSW, LCSW

“This book is amazing! The exercises are engaging, creative and fun.”

-Kristin Berry, co-author of Securely Attached


Join Riley the Brave in his latest adventure–making sense of his senses so he can finally have fun at the fair. This playful story features real-life strategies for helping children feel safe and in control, with an educational afterword for grown–ups.

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Help for Sensory and Emotional Challenges

Ages 3-10

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“My daughter loves Riley the Brave! Riley reminds her that everybody is different and it’s okay (and very brave) to ask for what she needs to feel safe and comfortable."

- Melissa "HR Mom" Griffin

“The perfect book to help children tend to their sensory needs so they can learn, play, and BE their awesome selves with confidence!”

-Debbie Reber, Founder and CEO, Tilt Parenting, author of Differently Wired


Making it to school is tough at the best of times. Sometimes it feels impossible! Riley Bear and his elephant parents share a peek into a tough morning. When big feelings threaten to ruin the day, this brightly illustrated story will help families find their way through. Features an educational afterword with positive tips for parents and teachers to try.

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A Story with Tips and Tricks for Tough Transitions

Ages 3-7

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“I highly recommend this insightful, realistic, and encouraging book for kids and caregivers alike. Kids will see themselves in the pages of this book! And caregivers will find new tools to keep their mornings from falling apart. ”

- Lisa Qualls, Author of The Connected Parent

As a parent, the suggestions on ways we can help our little critters transition and process those BIG feelings is invaluable. Love this one - it instantly became one of our favorites!!”

- MStern, Amazon Review


Riley the Brave helps create a safe space for children with big feelings - and adults - to have conversations about complex thoughts and experiences. This book is especially helpful for those with a history of trauma. An educational afterword offers additional support for caring adults. 

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The Little Cub with Big Feelings!

Ages 3-103 (Seriously! This one is for everyone!)

“Terrific book! I will use it, reference it, & recommend it." 

- Bonnie Harris, M.S.Ed., Author of Confident Parent, Remarkable Kids

​"A nicely illustrated book that tackles a tough topic in an approachable way.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“Best trauma resources EVER! We adopted our daughter in March. I’ve had all kinds of trauma training. A degree in Behavioral Health, but NOTHING has helped her more than Riley!!! Buy it all….. it’s so worth it!!!!”

- Malinda, Amazon Review


Únete a nuestro héroe, el osito Raily, en la aventura de su vida donde aprende a ser valiente como un osito. Siempre ha sido valiente e inteligente, pero su viaje con criaturas buenas y grandes le ayudarán a abrir su corazón de maneras nuevas. ¡Este osito genial está listo para enfrentarse al desafío!

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Spanish edition | Edición en español

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